Keeping Positive in the Negative

4 04 2009

We’re going to be late hurry up! My son kept saying that as we went out the door. You know baseball coaches don’t like it when you are late. What he didn’t realize is that your not late until it’s past the time your are supposed to be there. We told him to stay positive even though it looked like we were not going to make it. Believe God for the  positive not the negative. You can be on time if we make all the traffic lights, believe that this happens. For a boy who we are usually pushing to move quicker it’s kind of funny having him all worried about us not moving fast. We took off for practice and the whole way there my young daughter kept saying don’t worry about it confess you will be there on time. When we pulled up to the  high school baseball field right on time my son got out blessed that he made it on time and we were all thankful for keeping positive in the negative.